Brown Collar male Lucy ready late Feb 2018

Brown Collar male Lucy ready late Feb 2018Available
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Oh my goodness I we survived Lucy and I have raised 12 babies to a month old today so I finally feel comfortable telling the world about these amazing puppies. Lucy is the most gentle mellow sweet obedient calm Golden you will ever meet. She has the patience of a saint and even today took her beloved marrow bone into the whelping nest to share with the 12 pups. There are seven males picks one and two have been reserved. Lb is tiny only 11 pounds and has the white lucky spot which he has passed to some of his children. He is the ideal lap dog and is very loyal and sweet. These are my attempt of photos while fatigued inside on a below freezing day. We hope to have Jess come and help us outside to do pics within the next ten days.

Picks will happen Feb 12-Feb 17 in the order the deposits are received. Puppies will be begin going home the last week of Feb 2018 thru the first week of March based on size.

Small male 20 to 27 pounds full grown-- New picture taken and posted Feb 12, 2018