Our Sires

Brady was our foundation stud. He is a 17 pounds AKC grand champion sired Ruby Cavalier King Charles Spaniel with a solid colored pedigree. His favorite activity besides hanging out with his ladies is visiting hospital patients.

Little Brady
LB is our smallest member of Escondido Acres weighing a mere ten pounds. He is a registered Cavalier King Charles Spaniel He is the quietest Spaniel that you will ever meet. LB uses his eyes to mesmerize you to pet him. This seems to work with the ladies as well. We hope to offer a litter with LB and Precious in 2017.

Max is the foundation of our finished or 3 breed Mini Golden "Comfort Service Retrievers" He is a 25 pound F1 generation registered Mini Golden Doodle half Golden Retriever and his mother weighed a mere 45 pounds and an 11 pound Mini Poodle father. We hope to allow Max to retire. Therefore he will be available for adoption in 2018 since we have retained two of his daughters Precious and Buttercup and hope to retain a stud of our own breeding. We are grateful for the brains, health and low shedding traits that Max has given his puppies. Max has current health screenings for hips, patellas, and hearts just as all of our other breeding stock.

Theo is our farm cat and most dedicated puppy socializer he deserves to be on this website.